Online flash games have become remarkably popular over the last few years, not just with young people, but with older people too. The wide variety of flash games on the market appeal to everyone from young to old to boy to girl because you can literally play any time of game from card games to strategy games and more. Facebook has provided a platform for some flash games which has helped to increase people's exposure to them and many people look beyond facebook for flash games to play.

For many people, these simple flash games are an amusing way to while away the hours. You can play all sorts of different games to relax, escape from boredom at work and generally for entertainment. Many games from previous decades have been converted into flash games allowing the gamer to play games that he or she used to play on their old 8 bit console to relive their childhood.

Flash games are very interactive and some of them are designed to be social, allowing you to play with other people. The flash games of today have graphics and sound that blows away the old console games and are bright enough to entertain almost anyone. Many of the games are suitable for younger children who are eager to get their hand in at gaming.

There are hordes of action games including shoot them ups, racing games, combat games, strategy games and the more brain teasing games like card games, chess, and other games designed to stretch your brain and make you think.

Most flash games are browser and hardware independant, meaning that no matter what type of computer you have or how old it is, you can still play the game. This means people on platforms like Macs and Linux can still play the flash games as can people who own older computers too. They don't need the latest, fastest computer to enjoy the pleasure of these online games.

Whatever type of game you like, you are going to be able to find that in a flash games library. There are all sorts of games appealing to people from all walks of life who like all sorts of games. And because they are flash games you can dip in and out whenever you please and enjoy playing the games for as long or as short a period of time as you want to. The quality of the games can vary, but as many flash games are free (at least to try if not to play through) you can get a feel for a game before you spend any money.

Probably one of the main contributes to these games becoming so popular is their simplicity. They are easy games to play and relatively easy to program. Many major websites have flash games on them and many of the television channel websites, particularly for kids TV, also have flash games on them. They can play an important role in education for the children but are also good for entertainment value. With the games typically being relatively simple and easy to control, flash makes an ideal platform for aiming a game at a child.

Whether you like platform games, shooting games, puzzles or brainteasers you are bound to find a flash game that will suit your need. Not only will many flash games run on your computer, but many will run on a tablet or even a handheld device like an iPod or even a mobile phone. This gives you the chance to play games on the go and entertain yourself with your favourite game whilst on the train or waiting for a bus. Flash games are a lot of fun and are easy to play and new games are always being released for you to play.